quartz diorite 27179

MINFILE Record Summary - MINFILE Mineral Inventory- quartz diorite 27179 , MINFILE Record Summary New , the area consists of an ultramafic complex of hypersthene diorite and quartz diorites, , EMPR ASS RPT 27179, 27680, ,Biotite Quartz Diorite Gneiss (VTou;0) Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data Biotite quartz diorite gneiss Name Biotite Quartz Diorite Gneiss Geologic age Devonian Original map label ou Comments Part of Plutonic ,

Kensington Quartz Diorite (MDPZk;6)

Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data Kensington Quartz Diorite - Moderately to strongly deformed; igneous textures generally destroyed; composition ranges from quartz diorite to ,

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Geologic units containing quartz diorite

Hospilika Granite - leucocratic, massive epidote-muscovite quartz diorite to granodiorite; weak flow banding, sharp contacts Arizona Wide variety of granitic rocks, including granite, ,

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Quartz Diorite to Granodiorite (NCDqd;2)

Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data Quartz Diorite to Granodiorite (390 my) - contains biotite, muscovite, and xenocrysts Includes Whiteside Mountain, Stone Mountain, Mount ,

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Quartz diorite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quartz diorite Williams, Howel; Francis J Turner and Charles M Gilbert (1954) Petrography , W H Freeman Retrieved from " https://enwikipediaorg/w/index?title=Quartz_,

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quartz-diorite - Wiktionary

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary any form of diorite containing appreciable amounts of quartz Retrieved from " enwiktionaryorg/w/index?title=quartz-diorite&,

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Mineralienatlas Lexikon - quartz-diorite (english Version)

quartz-diorite Additional Functions Photos and Images Other languages Spanish diorita de cuarzo English quartz-diorite German Quarz-Diorit Alternative Name German Quarzdiorit ,

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